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The Editing Solution

You've written your book. You can't wait to publish it. But you must! You need to get it edited by a trained editor who'll pick up all those little mistakes that readers find annoying.You've put your heart and soul into your writing. Don't let it down by neglecting that final, crucial step. Ask Steph to Edit my book

Here’s what disgruntled readers say about badly edited books” (all taken from genuine Amazon reviews):

“.. It is unbelievably poorly edited ... incorrect commas, quotation marks, etc. ...”

“... the whole thing hadn't been edited very well, with lots of errors ...”

“... This book is crying out for an editor with a hatchet ...”

“... Was the editor on holiday or had she fallen asleep? ...”

“... A poor book and badly written ...”

“... all books should aim for as few typos etc as possible, and price should not be an excuse for them ...”

“... It is the ugliness of the writing style that makes it impossible to read X’s work ....”

Good editing would have stopped those remarks being made. Once a bad review goes up it never goes away.
Let me edit it for you! Click here

Why ask Steph to edit your book?

  • MA English, Oxford University; MPhil Publishing Studies, Stirling University
  • 25 years' editing experience with mainstream book publishers and indie authors
  • Traditionally published and self-published author

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