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Projects and Testimonials


Wothlondia RisingI edited this book for Gary who wrote in his blog. "I am truly pleased with the effort she turned in and the amount of care that she took." I tidied this book up for Steve.
Usher SyndromeGrigory said: "You've done a great job ... I look forward to working with you in the future." The ChosenJeremy emailed me to say: "I think you have done an amazing job on the two books" (i.e. this one and The Choosing).
The ChoosingI edited this exciting fantasy book by Jeremy Laszlo. The Chemotherapy Diet BookThis non-fiction book was fascinating to edit for Joseph and Mike.
The ChangingMore work for Jeremy ... Secrets of the Ebonite MinesAnd for Gary, another talented fantasy author.
Living SensitiveChristina was so pleased with the work I did for her, she's been recommending me to her fellow writers. JackI edited this children's book by the very imaginative Mitt Ray.
DuskHere's a cover by my designer Caiti. I edited the text for Meaghan. Pumpkin DayMore speculative fiction from Grigory. "Excellent job you've done."
CovenantMore editing for Gary. I love his stories! Truth about BenAnother cover by Caiti. I critiqued this book for the author and then did a full edit and proofread.
Chronicles of MI edited this debut novel from Nicholas.


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