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Posted on Apr 08, 2013 by Steph

Book covers don’t seem to change a lot over time. To be fair, they’re somewhat restricted in that you’ve got to include the title, the author’s name and an eyecatching picture in a limited space. And given the new ebook factor, then everything needs to be clear on a thumbnail. You can’t really be too adventurous or arty when the key priority is clarity.

However, I’ve spotted a rather nice new trend emerging that uses cut-out figures. The first such cover I saw was that of the excellent thriller Misplaced Loyalty by M K Turner.

Next was Four Widows by Helen McArthur, another crime fiction.

And the third I’ll include is Billy Grist by Wright Forbucks, irreverent, quirky and very entertaining fiction.

The cut-out figure works so well I think because of the starkness of the image. There’s not cluttering, no waffling, no confusion. It’s a bare-bones image that is very eye-catching and suggests a boldly written, non-compromising novel lies behind it.




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