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Posted on Jan 02, 2014 by Steph

OK, I got you here under false pretences – but only sort of, since I wanted to tell you about a useful little tool I came across online today. It’s here:

The idea is to help you come up with a good, catchy title and therefore suitable approach for your blog post or article on your own website or for guest posts. You enter the relevant noun or verb that will be the subject of your writing and the app comes up with a huge array of possibilities. Some are sensible and inspiring, others don’t work quite so well, but they’re fun. Like the title of this article.

Here are a few more sillies ‘edit’ throws up:

The Mayans’ lost guide to editing

What the Dalai Lama can teach you about editing

10 romantic editing holidays

The Angelina Jolie guide to editing


Although, if you think about it hard enough, you could come up with something for each of those suggestions.


But how I wish this one was true:

How to earn $1,000,000 using editing


This is a great tool in my opinion, and one worth making use of to help keep your posts eye-catching and sparkling.

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