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Happy 12.12.12 Blog Hop

Welcome to 'From the Editor's Desk', the blog on my edit-my-book website. I hope you'll check out the services I offer while you're here.

Here are some jokes about writing, books and writers to brighten your day!

A panda walks into a bar. He orders a drink and a meal. When he’s finished, he pulls out…

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

I'm delighted to be joining in the Christmas Wishes Blog Hop organised by the Book and Trailer Showcase.

I'm an ebook editor - a freelance editor who's moved with the times. Once I worked…

Short Stories

Editing and writing short stories


A convenient way to sell books and get all the proceeds

Pop Go The Weasel Words

Cleaning up the overused words in your writing.

Editminion - A Robotic Replacement for Editors?

A look at Dr Wicked's ingenious Editminion, a useful tool for writers.

Paying For Book Reviews - What's The Problem?

I’ve come across a few articles recently huffing and puffing about the awfulness of the concept of paying for book reviews. I can’t understand why some people get so worked up about it. What is so morally wrong about an author paying an experienced book reviewer to review their book and post the review in the relevant places, such as their own book blog if they have one and on Amazon, Goodreads,…

Twenty Great Quotes About Writing

Some light-hearted quotes (on the whole) to inspire you.

No More Red Pens

A more modern approach to editing

What's in a name?

Let’s start with names. A couple of books I’ve reviewed recently have included either duplicated character names or very similar ones.

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