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How Many Editors Are Enough?

Several different editors going through a manuscript once will not produce nearly as good a result as one editor going through it several times.

10 ways editing will improve your sex life

A useful title-generating app from Tweak Your Biz

Kids and Reading in 2013

Children are reading less every year

Clever Clear Cut-Outs

An effective new trend in covers

A Bit About Blurbs

The history of blurbs and why books have them

Mainstream Publishing: Becoming A Dinosaur?

A quick look at how little has changed in the traditional publishing scene over the last ten years

Chris's Character Naming App

A handy easy-to-use name generating app designed by Edit-My-Book

Naming Your Characters: Don't Get Stuck In A Rut

Advice on giving your characters distinctive names

An A to Z of Writer's Resolutions for 2013

Amazon isn’t the only market for ebooks. Look into Smashwords.

Book tours of the virtual kind are a great means of publicity. Get one organized for your books.

Cover design is crucial. Get help if you’re not much of an artist yourself. Naff covers will discourage buyers.

Don’t get disheartened. Believe in yourself and keep writing.

Edit your work properly. Silly mistakes…

The Twelve Days of Christmas - From Your Editor

On the first day of Christmas my Ed edited for me

A 'just' where a 'just' just shouldn't be!


On the second day of Christmas my Ed edited for me

Two apostrophes,

And a 'just' where a 'just' just shouldn't be!


And to cut a long poem short:

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Ed edited for me

Twelve troubling typos,


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